Marketing Website Ideas

Get More Clients, Get More Profits - And Get More Out Of Life With These Proven Marketing Website Ideas and Strategies. You can apply those simple, practical and powerful ideas to boost profitability

Marketing Website Ideas for Beginners 2


Designing Good Website


1.     Make a user friendly website.


o    Provide Simple navigation

o    Use Keyword Research Tool

 o    Apply Simply SEO Technique

 o    Clear call of action

 o    Clear and readable font size

 o    Design and tested website in all major web browsers such as IE, Chrome and Firefox.

 o    Look at Web Accessibility Initiative guidelines

 o    Avoid  Bad Website Ideas


2.     Focus your website layout on calling the visitor to action and building leads.

3.     Clean and minimize your design to focus the attention of the visitor on what is most important.

4.     For local businesses include the names of the areas that you serve. If someone searches for "Orange County spa" you want to show up in the results even if you are just north of Orange County. So, "Serving Orange County, Long Beach and the greater Los Angeles area".

5.     Create a lightweight design that will load quickly on any internet connection. Nothing turns a visitor away faster than a page that won't load.

6.     Use web analytics to analyze where your visitors are coming from and going to so you can optimize your website design and content. Benchmark your changes to increase visitor preservation and the amount of time they remain on your site.


o    Try changing colors and layout to the colors and design that your target audience likes the most. Test color schemes to see which one keeps the most visitors.

 o    If you have a high bounce rate (where people quickly leave the site after first visiting) try modifying the keywords that you are optimizing your pages for. The keywords people are finding you with may not be the people searching for your product or service.

7.     Use small compressed images with alt tags filled in with descriptions.

8.     Consider using a separate CSS file (.css) for your page design. The visitor only has to load this file once and then it's stored on their computer.

9.     Have friends or family test your website and get there feedback. Did they know what your site was about? What they could do or get there? Was there anything that was annoying?


Marketing Website Ideas


1.     Don't pay a company to submit your site to the search engines. The search engines will find you as soon as you have links from other sites. (Directories, articles, etc.)

2.     Submit articles to a site like eZine Articles.

3.     Write a press release and publish them through a service like PRWeb.

4.     Create an affiliate program to promote your product or service.

5.     Purchase banner ads on sites with your same target market.

6.     Track your banner ads independently to see what works and what the ROI for each ad is.

7.     Create a site targeted at a specific niche.

8.     Offer freebies.

9.     Upload your product feeds to Google Products, Google Base, Shopzilla, NextTag and other product listing sites.

10. Track every promotional effort. What is working? What isn't working? Optimize what works, drop what doesn't work.


11.    Don't be afraid to try new things. Internet marketing is a constantly evolving field and new ways to market an Internet business are always being born. Be sure to always track the results of the new marketing ideas.







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