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CPA – Simple Way To Make Easy Money !


Website Marketing Ideas in Internet marketing is one of the fastest growing and most profitable industries in the world today. Many people have had success on the internet and have even managed to quit their jobs and work for themselves. Being one’s own boss is a dream for plenty of people but it can be hard to find an effective means of making good money on the internet. Internet marketing relies, fundamentally, on receiving good internet traffic which can then be converted into profit. While there are a few different ways that people monetize their web traffic, CPA offers can easily be one of the best ways to make a decent income.


CPA is an internet marketing term that stands for “Cost Per Action”. It refers to companies that will pay webmasters when their visitors perform some sort of specific action. This action will generally take the form of submitting their email address, downloading a free program or e-book or joining a certain website. There are plenty of CPA companies that webmasters can join, some of which have offers for some big name companies. The reason why CPA offers can be so profitable is that visitors only have to put forth a small amount of effort to earn the webmaster money.


No matter what type of blog or website someone may run, the basic key to making money with CPA offers is having a decent amount of web traffic. The concept behind this is simple, the more visitors a website receive, and the more visitors there are to fill out the CPA offers. Getting large numbers of regular visitors to a site can be a bit tricky but it’s easier than it sounds once someone gets the hang of internet marketing.

The Finest Element

Displaying CPA offers on a website is one of the most popular ways that people like you in Website Marketing make a living. For someone that has a popular website that receives a steady flow of visitors, CPA offers can really be a profitable monetization option. The best part about CPA offers is that they require almost no effort on the part of a visitor but can earn a webmaster quite a decent income. Most CPA offers will only pay a few dollars for each completed form which is why it’s important that a website monetizing through CPA pulls in good traffic numbers. With the right amount of traffic and the right CPA offers, a webmaster could easily earn a steady, full time income.


Without a Sale

In CPA “cost per action” YOU can make money online without having to make a sale! You just introduce buyers and sellers.


CPA Is A Great Method To Make Money Online.

Usually Internet marketing has involved you selling someone else’s products and taking a commission for the sale. They make the stuff, you promote and sell it; it’s a win/win relationship and has worked well for many years, and continues to work well for many people.

CPA is different, because you, the marketer can earn a commission by simply receiving a lead for a particular product or business – you don’t actually have to sell anything, the customer only has to supply an e-mail address of zip code (known as a zip submit) or fill out a short form for you to get paid.

Let me show you, Here is an example of a CPA offer I have promoted this month with kids going back to school, requires only a person’s email..

“Get Ready For Back To School, Win a $500 Staples Gift Card!”

Now when someone fills in their email this offer pays me $1.40 per email.  How cool is that?

Some offers I use pay me $30 each time someone fills out a small form. I don’t even make a sale and I make $30

Can you see why CPA is very powerful way to make money online?  If not, go wash your eyes out, get a drink and read this again!


Sounds Great, No Selling and I Get Paid, But…Why?

If the customer doesn’t actually buy anything why do businesses pay you?

Because new customers are the driving force behind all businesses, and  depending on the  business, they can be very lucrative. The business will  pay you for the lead in the hope  that the new customer will actually buy  something from them in the future, and once a  customer always a  customer “if they are happy”.

In most cases it is a lot easier to get a lead then to sell a product, after all  your customer  doesn’t have to part with any money – at least just now – making it a much simpler sale  for you.

You become the middle man connecting a potential buyer with a business.


Ok I’m in, What Do I Need to Know

Now before you start making money online with CPA there are a few things you must know.

First, you have to get accepted by a CPA network.  A CPA Network is where you will get the offers to promote, links, support, and who actually pay you.

Since CPA is such a simple way to make money, if it’s done right, these networks are a little picky on who they except.

Offer Vault is a great site for finding affiliate networks. I personally have done well over the years with the MaxBounty affiliate network.

T3Leads - This CPA Network offers some of the highest payout; I use them for financial offers. You can find multiple affiliates offers to promote all in one network.


Now That You Have your CPA Network

You should choose your offers carefully. Some are more profitable, more popular and more trustworthy than others. A great tip to get started is same tip I got long time ago when it comes to buying stocks, buy companies you like and use in your everyday life.

Same applies to CPA offers, market things that you like, that you would want to try or buy.

Also stick to the “zip” or “email” submit offers, you make less per, but you will receive more leads.

Another technique is article marketing, the idea here is that you write articles, and then  submit them to  article directories like Articlesbase and Goarticles.  People will use your articles on their  own sites; this gives your site or  affiliate links more exposure. I think article marketing is  still a great way  to make money online. The more articles you write, the more exposure  you get. I use this method a lot, and it does make some good money for  me. So give it a  try yourself.

If you do the basics I have talked about here, you should be well on your way to making  money online in a simple way.

In the end it is all a numbers game, the more people see your offer the more that will become a lead. Always send targeted traffic.


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